XR600R float height spec?

Does anyone have the factory recommended setting for float height on a 2000 model XR600R?

12mm, 14mm, 16mm...... somewhere in between.... am I close? :cool:

Can someone hep a brutha out?

I;m sure someone will help you here, if not Try http://4strokes.com/

Service manual sez.....14.5 mm, (.057").

it would have been nice for the manual to show a photo, drawing or something on where and how to measure the 14.5mm!:cool:

With the float needle in the closed position, measure the distance between the top of the float and the bowl gasket flange on the carb.

Thanks creeky! :cool:

it would have been nice for the manual to show a photo, drawing or something on where and how to measure the 14.5mm!:applause:

Here's how I adjust float height, fc501.

Take carb off bike. Empty fuel and remove float bowl.

I hold the carb in my left hand with my thumb on the part that slides into the intake manifold, index and middle finger on the side that the airbox boot attaches to, and the slide opening is pressed against my palm. The same way I hold a burger.

Hold carb at eye level so that you can see the point where the float tang makes contact with the float needle. The carb should be situated so that the hinge where the float is attached to the carb is the at top, and the non-hinge end is facing down.

Now tilt the carb so that the float tang swings away from the float needle, and tilt back slowly until you see the tang just barely touch the needle, but does not depress it. This is the position you want to measure float height at.

Using a ruler or a caliper, measure the distance from the carb body where the float bowl seats, to the top of the float. This is the float height. To make adjustments, just remove the float and bend the tang to achieve the desired height.

Remember, you're holding the carb sideways, so the top of the float is the flat surface to your right.

I hope I didn't make things more confusing, but this method has always worked for me.

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