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ATL area riders, new parts/accessories shop

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Stopped into the Vinings store of Atlanta Cycling & Fitness to waste some time today perusing the halls of my other favorit hobby (MTB'ng) and was shocked to see a wall of M/C'ing accessories. Apparently, the Vinings shop has decided to begin offering offroad accessories. No big deal right, except that they are offering everything at mail order prices. They had in stock an awesome sampling from the Parts Unlimited Catalog.

They're selling s-12's for $55 bucks, etc.

They had oils, handlebars, tech 8's, thor gear, moose gear, different protection, chains, and just a little bit of everything. They'll even match online sale prices. For example, they had a Moose Expedition Jacket for $117.00 - reg. priced at $159 mail order!!

If it goes over well, they'll do a standalone shop somewhere on the north side, I guess. IF something is not in stock, they'll special order it for you and STOCK it for you. For example, I asked him if he could order the Kenda TM 760 and match Chapparal's price of 39.99, yep, and he'll stock it for me if I want!!!!!!! :)

Folks, this is a friggin' bicycle shop!!! If you want to peruse the Parts Unilimited catalog, no sweat, have at it...

My mail order days and shipping charges are going to come to an end real quick with this type of offering! They're alos doing Contingencies and frequent buyer discounts!

contact Don at (770) 952-7731.

No, I don't work for them, I was just amazed at the prices they were selling stuff at!


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Thanks Mike,

I just talked to one of the sales guy's, Don was gone for the day. He didn't have a 130/80/19 S12 in stock so I'll call back tomorrow. He's close enough where I could run over at lunch time, so Thats a good deal.


Bonzai :)

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