is duct tape the next breakthrough medicine?

wow, make that a million and one uses!!!!! :)

i heard on the radio this morning (b94, pittsburgh area) that the U.S. ARMY has released that none other than DUCT TAPE is effective in curing (<> removing???) warts. more effective than freezing them off it says. i know a wart is caused by a virus, and just takes time to cure (2 yrs. i believe and it will go away on it's own without treatment)

could duct tape be the ultimate anti-virus? the cure for the common cold??!?!?! :D :D

anyways, just thought that was interesting.

racer36 :D

It only aggravates monkey butt if applied incorrectly and removed rapidly...


...don't even want to know, yamadude, don't even want to know....

:D :D :D

although i imagine that if a protective "diaper" were properly constructed of duct tape prior to riding, it could prevent the rubbing/chafing effect and eliminate monkey butt altogether. ... just a thought...

maybe you were jsut applying it at the wrong time. :D

or maybe chain lube or wd-40 could help reduce the burn...

*akward silence... cricket chirps*

don't look at me like that:mad:, it was just an idea... :):D lol

racer36 :D

I don't know about the riding diaper but the duct tape in the proper hands can keep a 2 year old with articulate hands in a diaper.


I am NOT talking from personal experience here, believe me... I never get monkey butt, but I was just warning those new to the sport about such actions and consequences... :D:)


Talk about Anal Abrasion! Gezzzzzzz :)

Bonzai :D

The old duct tape sure shuts the missus up for a while :):D :D

Hmm, interesting! I've used it from everything like keeping the sole on my riding boots untill payday.To Holding my thigh together untill I could get to ER and 26 stiches. So how's it work on worts? Hey this might be the herpes cure!


Actually, a tube of super glue should be mandatory in a first aid kit. It works so well at closing cuts that hospitals use it. I learned about it from a friend in the sheet metal business who is never without a tube in his pocket for his numerous day-to-day cuts.

For the really good duct tape, go to a military surplus place for their 100mph tape. I understand they use it to temporarily patch bullet holes in aircraft. I have a large roll and it IS tough and is a proper tough-guy olive drab in color.

I listened to the same thing. I tried the duct tape. It sure is difficult to go to the bathroom if it is too tightly wrapped...

Seriously, I have had a wart on my finger for several years. They do not go away on their own! The liquid nitrogen hurts bad! I am starting the duct tape thing as of wed. I will let you know how it works..

I had a wart on my toe. I finially got fed up with the thing. I got out a exacto knife and fingernail clippers and started digging. There is a black "root" tingy in there. Dig that sucker out. If you see black keep digging. Alcohol helps. not for the wart. Drink it.

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