Procom Ignition for the XR650R

I see these units for sale normally $75 plus shipping. They are a replacement plug-in from the stock ignition unit. The verbage states better throttle response and up to 5hp gains.

Has anyone tried one of these on their XR? Does it work. There is always one or two in ebay at any given time.

I haven't tried one but I will say they are a step backwards in technology. The Procom CDIs as well as a few other inexpensive brands are anolog. The stock CDI is digital. From what I have learned from doing some searching, a few other brands of CDIs which include the Big Gun brand are actually made by Procom. A couple brands may be exactly the same while others might have the mapping slightly tweaked by Procom, to their own specs.

The problem with analog technology is that it is not as precise in the way that it cannot be programmed with as many points in the mapping curve as a digital map.

As far as the claims of 5hp increase in power, i noticed that most of the figures are either stated at 4hp or 5hp which seem to be a generic labeled claim in the text of listed specs. That being the case, I wouldn't nessessarily believe that claim. This brings ne to another XR650R high rev CDI from a company that claims only a 1hp and 2 foot pounds of torque gain from their unit.

It is the XRs Only High Rev CDI that **was**,(read on) claimed by a few in the past including another parts vendor to be a XR400 CDI repackaged as a XR650R high rev ignition. From what I understand, the XR400s CDI mapping is a little more aggresive in that it is slightly advanced in at least a part of the mapping curve as well as a higher rev limit. There is discrepancy though. The after market vendors claim the stock rev limit of the XR400 is being 9300rpm. The XRs Only XR650R high rev ignitions rev limit is listed at 9500rpm. It could be that the aftermarket vendors info. is a little off or the XRs Only Rev box claim is off itself or it has been tweaked a little if it is in fact a XR400 based CDI.

ON THE OTHER HAND, you will notice that the Procom CDI for the XR650R is listed on their website as having a rev limit at 9500, Hmmm. So who knows now. Maybe some new info. digging needs to be done.

From what I gather, the other way to go for possibly getting a little better rev build-up and overrev from the XR650R for a reasonable price, is to actually use a genuine factory XR400 CDI. They run only about $80-85 from Service Honda. I have wanted to experiment and try a friends XR400 CDI in the 650R and see if there is a noticable gain. It was told to me by baja racer that he used a XR400 CDI mainly just to be able to hold a gear a bit longer in somewhat short straights between corners with his built 680. He said he felt it did not make a major performance improvement but it did make a little difference. He also said it made the bike sound a little different.

I am on the fence with the idea of having a higher rev limit. It is naturally going to be harder on the motor if you get in the habit of revving the bike out further than the stock rev limit when going through the gears. But if you don't get carried away all the time of holding each gear too long maybe you could keep some longevity in the motor. As far as gaining more top speed while going full wide open, with higher rev limt CDI is questionable, unless the bike is gaining a small bit of power in the upper most rev range from the possibly different timing curve in that part of the map. A fairly stock XR650R will not normally hit the rev limiter at wide open speed unless it was geared low. Now when you start talking about a cam and other internal mods, then there is the capability of revving past the stock rev limit when topped out. That is where motor longivity might suffer.

I spoke to Bob at Precision Concepts back in 2003 or there abouts and he claimed to have floated a valve during testing with a high rev ignition. But I don't know if thier bike was internally stock or had HRC upgrades.

I am still trying to find out more on the possible longer term effects or lack there of, with using a higher rev limit CDI on the XR650R as there have been other teams that have seemed to use high rev ignitions with good results,(more on this below).

I happen to have a Vortex X10 CDI that a friend of mine sent me from over seas I am hoping to test out within about a month to see the performance effect it has on the bike.

It seems that many Australian safari racing XR650Rs ran the Votex units. I would like to try and find out more backround on that. There is a company I know of in Australia that built and setup XR650R race bikes for the Safari. I will contact them and try to gain some more info and insight from them when I can get to it.

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