Fuel problems??

Ok, I'm not sure what this can be...

I rode my 650L a couple of days ago w/o any problems. Yesterday I installed a set of PowerMadd handguards w/ bar-end wraps. Today I go to start the bike and it doesn't want to run. I pull the choke a little and it starts, but then dies after about a minute. Then I can't get it to start again:excuseme: . I turn the petcock valve to 'Res.' and it starts right-up! I hit the road and at the first stop light I turn it back to 'on', I ride down the road for about a mile or so then it dies again and won't start. I turn the petcock back to 'Res.' is it fires right-up!:thumbsup: I ride with it like this for about another 20 minutes so I can get to where I'm going, and then ride back home. On the ride home, same thing. I start the bike and ride about 2 min with it on 'on', it dies, I turn it to 'res.' and ride like that the rest of the way.

WHAT GIVES?!?:thumbsup:

Your thoughts??


Sounds like the screen above the petcock is clogged, or maybe the petcock itself is clogged. Pull the gas line from the carb and see how it flows. If it doesn't flow, drain the tank. Pull the petcock and clean out whatever crud is in there.

Did you have enough fuel in it to be above the reserve level too? But sounds like u did and like CLEO said a plugged petcock is ur problem

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