Wheel Swap Question

I've searched and I've used the OEM parts look up, I've even asked the dealer and I can't seem find an answer to my question. I have a '01 YZ426 and an '03 YZ125. Are the front and rear wheels interchangeable? I know the rear are different part numbers. The 426 is 2.15 wide and the 125 is 1.85 wide other than that, will the bolt up?:thumbsup: Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance.

i dont know if they would or not but why not just try and change them? thats ur best bet for getting the rite info. :thumbsup:

They will interchange. The rear may require the use of the spacers from your current wheel. Also, the narrower rim will make it more difficult to mount a full sized 110/90x19, and the tire profile will be incorrect due to the sidewalls being pulled in at the bead.

As always, I appreciate the info and your time.

Thank you.

The front will fit fine, the rear wheels have the same hubs but different wheel spacers. If you use the spacers for the bike the wheel is going on then it will fit fine.

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