help please 98 wr400

when i try to kick start my bike with the cold choke pulled out, it feels like its always on the compression stroke, feels springy and i cant kick it all the way down. starts fine with hot start and with no choke at all. :banghead:

I am sorry, but I don't think this is possible. The carb has nothing to do with compression. Are you sure you are not confusing the hot start with the decompression lever?

hot start is the red button on the carb, decomp is lever on handlebar.

thats what it feels like that i havnt pulled the decomp lever. i can kick it 3/4 of the way down but then it just gets really hard and wont kick the last 1/4.

without cold choke or with hot start it kicks fine. i dont understand it as it was working fine. i gave it an oil chang and now this is happening but only with the cold choke pulled out.:excuseme:

I would recomend draining the oil, hold the kill switch and try kicking it through. If this fixes your problem then you have added too much oil. This is a fairly common mistake people make with the Yamaha's because of the dry sump system. The oil is stored in the frame when the engine is running, but after it sits for a while it drains back into the engine sump. Once again, the carb can not possibly cause the problem you describe. When you pull these knobs, it only opens passages in the carb to allow more fuel or air into the mixture. Another thing you could try would be to pull the plug and see if you still have the same results with the plug out. I hope this helps, please don't take offense to my comments. I am not trying to run you down or call you a liar, I simply can't believe that the hot start or the choke are causing your problem. It must be some sort of strange coincidence.


i was thinking of giving it another oil change soon so i will give that a try, dont worry i didnt take offence i would say the same thing it just isnt possible, must be coincidence. ill give that a try and let you know.

cheers stu

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