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'98 WR400 valve lash specs needed

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Hi. I did a search here looking for valve lash specs and the only info i could find were for '01 426 and 450 valve lash specs that were .004-.006" intakes, and .008-.010" exhaust. I checked my clearances last night on a stone cold engine and got:

.006-.007" intake and .009" on the exhausts.

Just to make sure there wasn't a different spec for the older '98 400 bikes, i called a dealer and they toold me .006-.008" on the intakes and .010-.012" on the exhausts.

Is this correct?

Bike used to be real hard to start a few years back and had some skipping issues... so i stopped riding the biker and then I basically moved and rode the bike only a handful of times since and the thing runs like normal now (or real close to it).

I know.... get a FSM!

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