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07 WR450 - First Real Ride Report

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I've been riding an 05 TTR250 which I really loved. It felt light and nimble and I could ride it at higher RPM's where it seemed happiest. I crashed hard last year and blamed suspension (whoops, packing, rebound, airborne, ouch!). I decided to look at a WR and debated on 250 or 450. I always want more horsepower so I get an 2007 WR450F.

I've spent the last month or getting it broken it, setup, jetted, tuned, etc. Yesterday several of us went into southern Kentucky to ride and was was a bit anxious because of the power I had seen when getting the bike setup. I rode with a KTM 525 exc, YZ250 and CRF250 and began the ride cautiously for about 15 minutes.

All I can say is WOW! Maybe I was riding a bit more conservative but yesterday is the first time I didn't drop my bike. I don't think that has ever happened once. I have a Scotts steering stabilizer and the thing just railed up steep very rocky climbs. Lofting the front over anything is as simple as thinking about it. I was clipping along, still conservative, behind the KTM and in his dust (I know!) I suddenly hit a hole about 2 feet deep. I thought I would crash but no problem!

Power was smooth and controllable. Gripping the bike with my knees, elbows up, pick up the front wheel and an almost effortless journey through a rocky creekbed began. I couldn't believe it.

I ended they day without being sore or overly tired. Today I don't feel any negative effects of the ride.


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Good Job!!:thumbsup:

The more you ride that bike the more you will love it! I can't believe how nice the WR's ride. Next time out maybe the KTM will eat some of your dust...:smirk:


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