Strongest 650R pipe?

What's the toughest 650R exhaust out there, headers or muffler or both?

I'm not talking about performance, just the ability to take a lot of hard knocks, and take a hit and not break. Long life.

Staintune? Stock? Pro Circuit? Others?

I would say XR's Only, solid construction, good welds, thick mounting tabs.

I think the general consensus among XR owners is that the stock system is hard to beat for pure durability. Steel construction with no fiberglass packing makes the stock system unbeatable in longevity. With an HRC tip, the stock system is hard to beat performance-wise also.

i have an L but, i use e2 slip on, the hanger cracked. im going with xr's full system next.

The XR's Only Stainless Steel Oval exhaust is the strongest hands down. Here's why:

  1. One piece stainless steel construction from head to tail with a removable end to repack it. This design is just like the stocker (other than the internal packing).
  2. The pipe tucks up tight against the bike. And I mean tight. I have the full race system, my riding partner has the regular system, and it is difficult to get a hand under the fender on that side of the bike. The tighter the pipe is to the bike, the less it hangs out to get mangled in a crash.
  3. It is shorter in overall length than almost any other pipe out there. This is because the XR's Only pipe for the 650 was designed from the ground up for the 650R, and only the 650R. Unlike almost every other pipe made that has a universal can with a midpipe and bracket to make it fit on the bike.

I have been around 650Rs with T-4s, Q's, Q-2's, and Big Guns. I personally had a WB R-4 in the past. I also had a highly modified stock can (shortened with internal baffling mods) that I rode with when I needed to be sneaky. The XR's only system is hands down better than all the rest.

Now, it is a little loud, but you can get a quiet core that shuts it up. It is more quiet in stock form than the WB R-4, PC T-4, or FMF Ti-4. I think this is more due to the robust construction reducing resonance in the exhaust system. It still performs well with the optional quiet core in it. At least as good as the 496 and Q-2. With the regular system, you can use any headpipe as well.

I have the Race Team Edition full megaphone XR's system, and I would not recommend that pipe unless you really need it. It is very, very loud. It makes a sick amount of power if your bike is set up for it: i.e. if you do not have a fully built race motor (high comp. HRC motor or similar running on race fuel) and tall gearing, you are wasting money with this pipe.

My riding partner has the regular oval XR's system, and he loves it.

You will see lots of complaints about XR's only on this website. And I am sure that they have merit. It took me a little while to get my pipe (I went through my dealer to get it), but I think that there are a few outstanding reasons for this. First, is that my pipe was probably made after I ordered it. Two, most of the employees there race. In fact, I think they ride more than they work. This must be a priority of the guys that work there. Wish I had a work environment like that! But that is one reason their stuff works so good. They perfect it. Three, XR's only is like Scotts (they are a pain to deal with also): when you are the best, you can change your priorities around, because people that know will still buy your stuff. I'm not saying that is right, but that is the way of the world. After my pipe showed up, my dealer called XR's back right away, as he was so impressed with the build quality of the pipe. He had a SS Oval system by the end of the week.

I've had this W/B R-4 on my bike for five years. Still good as new. Gave the bike more mid and top range. I only paid $150 for it. Can't get them anymore. (loud:eek: )

<a  href=im002439pw0.jpg' alt='im002439pw0.jpg'>

has anybody tried the Australian Staintune system, long term?

Fully stainless, apparently never needs repacking.


I've had this W/B R-4 on my bike for five years. Still good as new. Gave the bike more mid and top range. I only paid $150 for it. Can't get them anymore. (loud:eek: )

<a  href=im002439pw0.jpg' alt='im002439pw0.jpg'>

Interesting. The R4 I put on my BRP made it lose a considerable amount of power, most notably off the bottom.

You're right, but for desert riding it made 1st and 2nd gear much more usable for me. The hit at mid-range was an improvement too.

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