acerbis tank anyone?

does anyone have experience w/the Acerbis tank? i understand they make a 3.4 gal w/dual petcocks & trick filler/cap & in 3 different colors. although they don't make a seat to match but DO recommend the IMS that mates very well, i'd be interested in any feedback from the forum. thx in advance for your thoughts. bob

Visually I have only seen one out at Chapparel in San Bernadino CA.

It looked very well made. With a trick fuel cap with an alloy plate and allen head screws surrounding the gas cap.

It was probably made so that you swap out the stock filler cap with a dry break system.

john: that's exactly what the trick filler cap is for & the guy i spoke w/@ acerbis was particularly proud of that feature. the price sounded right & many riders like dual petcocks. still, i figured the best judge(s) would be everyone here @ the forum. so, hope to hear from anyone who uses the acerbis tank....thx.

I have an IMS but a guy I ride with uses Acerbis. He likes it fine but said where seat attaches and upper rad scoop bolt things didn't line up right.

But it could be that the guy just isn't mechanically inclined enough to install a gas tank. Who knows.

Also, I remember someone in this forum saying that 98-99 triple clamps contacted Acerbis tank before coming to steering stop. But others prefer Acerbis over IMS because latter only uses left mounting bolt where Acerbis allows both. This one bolt issue has not had any noticeable effect on my IMS however, and I've had plenty of crashes and falls with it (does everybody else fall at least once per race/ride, or is it just me?)

I rode the YZ400 w/ the Acerbis and the added bulk was not noticeable. So ergonomically I would rate the Acerbis and IMS both A+. The ride was brief and I did not notice any clearance prob.s w/ clamps but my knee guard kept catching the right scoop because it wasn't attached flush w/ tank. Design flaw or installer error, I dunno.

Most guys get "natural" color so they can see fuel level. Very convenient. This benefit is mitigated by gas staining the tank brown over time.

Noticed that this thread wasn't getting a lot of response so there's my two cents, American.

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