Heating up 02 yz426f

Well im new to the 426 and it is the only bike that I have ever owned that has been water cooled. I guess you could say that i get the jitters about little stuff like, since it is water cooled i thought that it shouldnt get hot but man does it. I have read to use engine ice coolant, will this really help from overheating because that is one thing i dont want to do..

yes. I run engine ice in my 400 and have not overheated since.

Most importantly, do not let the bike sit idling for more than a minute or two. If you do, you will notice coolant running out the overflow tube. These bikes need air running through the rad to keep them cool.

Thanks, and how about the swap from normal coolant to engine ice. Do you just drain the radiator and refill with e-ice or fill with distilled water to drain the water pump and then fill with e-ice

I appreciate the help, thanks

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