Does anyone know of any riding areas that are NOT sand along the Oregon Coast?

I live about 70 miles from Coos Bay and I need somewhere along the Oregon coast to go riding this summer when it gets too dry here.

Thanks! :)

Bluehondaeater check under my post ride spot in oregon.Myself and a group of frind are going to tillmook july 24 for a week long ride thats 32 miles west of portland i think? anyway some good stuff on the ridding in oregon on that post.If you can hook up with us and go ridding in tillmook.


For riding areas in Oregon check out:

The Tillamook forest area is a GREAT place to ride.

Eric in WA

Eric in wa, see if you can hook up with us 24th or 25th july and go ridding in tellmook sound like you know the area.

monty wilson

I just got back from riding in the Tillamook forest. What a blast!! I will have to see what the schedule looks like as we get closer to July 24.

In the meantime, call the Tillamook forest folks listed in the web site and get trail maps sent to you. When you get the map, then I can give you my recommendations on the best trails, in the event I can't hook up with you guys.

Eric in WA

Eric i have the map on tellmook.Do you know which aera or camp groud would be best for 36ft 5th wheel trailors browns camp or diamond. The map looks like theres some good ridding in that area.Talked to the ranger on the phone she said fog rolls in at night and keeps the ground wet just wright for riding and temps stay cool.thanks for your help.



Sorry for the late reply.

I have not camped there. However, from what I have seen people camp all over the place. I suggest setting up at Browns Camp the first day and ride around to see what's available, like along the water or in a quiet secluded spot... It should be easy to find a good spot on a Monday.

What type of riding are you looking for? Hills, steep hills, rocks, rocky hills, tight, open, waterbars, scenic??? Let me know and I can point you to some trials.

Eric in WA

Eric thanks for geting back to me.I like open and tight woods riding. hill climbs are fun also but not rocks.Whats the road like going into browns camp?

thanks monty

Monty, you can access Browns camp with your trailer, and is approx. 1.5-2 miles back off hwy6. There is a camp host who has a larger trailer, not to mention the trailers and box vans with bikes. The camp ground at browns is ok, some good spots by the river, out houses and water available. There are also many many places just out on the roads, however, you should take a look around before you venture out into the woods with a truck and trailer. I ride there regularly its got a lot of trails more than you can ride in a few days. Check it out. Guarantee you'll have one of the best rides ever.

Thanks team oatmeal pie i can't waite to go riding there.We will be there for a week starting on july22and or 23ed if any of you guys can make it to tillmook that week let me know.I think we will camp in the browns camp aera i'll be a 99 f350 ford pu with a 36ft 5-wheel both are white

e-mail me and give you my cell phone and you can let me know if yuor coming up to ride.I hope it doesn;t snow when i get there like it did in co, when we were going to ride with Brain it was 80+ before i got there.But thats aother story.

thank monty wilson


Here are some of my thoughts on the trails near Brown’s camp – reference the map. Keep in mind, my wife usually goes with me – she rides a Polaris Scrambler 4x4. So, we usually do not go motorcycle only trials.

Generally, the trials are rockier as you go West. Most of the bikes stay near Brown’s camp. Red trails (open to 4WD’s) are usually heavily rutted. However, there are exceptions.

My favorite exception is 20, which if you go south (uphill) is AWESOME. 3rd gear hitting whoops and waterbars one right after the other. There is stretch of rocks at the North end, but once past those most of it is dirt. This one is FUN. My boy on an XR70 loves it also.

4 is open, fast, hilly and not too rutted.

18 is a test of technical riding skills, roots, ruts and all.

7, 9, 43 lots of good trials in the trees. There are lots of trials that are not shown on the map.

11 is more open, with a good variety of terrain – FUN.

21 is slower, twisty and tighter in the woods.

25 is easy and faster with some whoop like areas.

22 has VERY steep hills. One is nearly free of rocks and ruts, but steep and long. If you make it up, let me know. I have not seen anyone make it up. However, the soil was still damp.

The bridge on 39 is out. Otherwise a good trail.

The end of 34 is virtually impassible due to a bunch of logs on a hill.

There are some great views along the ridge where 28 runs.

Eric in WA

Eric in WA,

Good call on trail No.20 "hood raiser", it's a blast, just as much fun down too as the jumps area little sharper. Have you ridden out archer's fire break (No.28)? Fun as well. Last time there we made the decision to go down No. 35. I'm not all that good a rider, but definitely a one way! No way I could climb back up. Steep enough that the fellow in front of me had to keep letting off the front brake to get the rear wheel back on the ground.

Maybe we can hook-up for a ride there some time. I live in central Oregon, so I don't get there too often. Try to at least a couple times a year.


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My wife and I have ridden 28. I enjoyed it. However, my wife nearly rolled the quad nose forward on one of the hills. I had to grab the rear rack and counterweight the quad so she could get down the hill.

Incidentally she wheelied the quad up on 4 and managed to get it to stand perfectly vertical on the rear fender tires and rack after she rolled off. She was a good sport and got back on after I set it down and kept going up the hill.

I have not tried 35. My wife gets nervous every time she sees a trail marked difficult, thinking that I will go try it.

My wife is not that fast. She is getting much better on the hills and technical stuff. But I still have to help her out of tough spot occaisionally. What I usually do is zip up and down the trials while she is cruising along. With a WR she always can hear where I am :)

Hooking up some time would be fun. However, one thing about me going riding is that part of the deal is that I have to bring my wife along when she wants to go. Which during the nice weather is nearly every time. In the wet months she doesn't like to go. Then it would be easier to connect, but then it would also be wet.

Do you know of great places to ride in Central Oregon than would be quad friendly?

Eric in WA

Eric in WA:

There are some excellent trails over here. Probably the best trail system being East Fort Rock OHV area. It's east of Bend about 30± miles and has something like 300+ miles of trail. A lot of it is quad friendly especially if your wife does OK at Tillamook. Only problem is it gets real dusty and whooped out as summer wears on. In the spring, right after the snow is off, it can be some of the best riding that I've found. Here's a link that has a trail map.

Another good site for general info is:

Let me know if you're ever down this way, hope the links work.


How do you get to the riding area at Tillamook? Anyone going riding there next weekend which is 4th of July weekend?


It depends on where you are coming from.

From Portland/I-5 go west on Hwy 26 to Hwy 6 toward Tillamook and watch for signs. It is about 1 hour from Portland.

From Hwy 101 along the Oregon coast take Hwy 6 from Tillamook going east. It is about a half hour from Tillamook.

I am going to try and get to the Tillamook forest at least one day over the weekend. Exactly which day will depend on the weather and my wife's mood.

Eric in WA


Those trails you spoke of, Archer's Firebreak and Hood Raiser are not at Brown's Camp, but at Lyda Camp. It is quite a hall riding from Brown's to Lyda, and somewhat difficult to find if you don't know where it is.

Brown's Camp can be some cool riding, but the trails spend most of the year in a really badly rutted condition. By the time the forest service gets around to fixing them, it's winter and they get all rutted again.

As for Diamond Mill, that's supposed to be a really rocky area to ride. Haven't made it there yet, even though I ride in Tilamook Forest every week.

Lyda Camp in my favorite area to ride just now, it has the best of everything. The only problem is most trails aren't on the map.

C YA!!

You are correct that those trials are not actually Brown's camp. However, Hood Raiser is less than 30 minutes from Brown's camp via roads - provided you take the right roads.

If you do not have a map things can get pretty confusing. The best bet is to get a map, tools, water and so forth and go for a long ride.

What are your favorite trails/areas near Lyda camp?

Eric in WA

The entire area is connected, you can get to all areas on trails with a few short dirt road connections, which are all perfectly legal to ride on, the only exception is diamond mill where you have to cross hwy6. Browns has the established camp ground, Rogers camp which is immediatley on your left when driving into browns is where I park as I want more trail time and less driving. I ride here lots and know the area pretty well. Let me know when and where you are planning to ride, and will let you know if I can make it, and what level of trails your are looking to ride. I def plan and making the ride the end of July with Monty and his gang.


I really have been enjoying Archer's Firebreak at Lyda Camp lately. I haven't been riding there too much, 'cause most of the trails aren't marked, and I get turned around really easy. Nobody I ride with knows it very well either. I really like riding there though. I just wish I could find some of the trails I have ridden once, and can't find again. I went on a couple that were really neat and high. They seem

to be the Brigadoon of trails though, and have disappeared since.

I mostly ride Brown's Camp, and an occasional trip to Capital Forest in Washington. Can't wait to get back out. Didn't get to go this past week, so I am ready!!


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