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New FMF slip-on

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FMF Speed. Great looking pipe and the fit is excellent! On with the pictures.

Sweet box lol





Pipe mount


Nice welds on the mid pipe mount


Factory comparison, a lot shorter...


I wonder which one flows more Hmmmmmmmmm...


Mounted shot with side cover off



Side cover on



I love the shorter length of the pipe compared to stock, it doesn't stick a foot out past the side cover! Here's a shot of the stocker to show what I mean...


Pipe sounds great and is not annoying loud, probably due to using the stock head pipe. The spec list says it's 99db or less. Bike does have bit more grunt to it now, very happy with it!

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How much quieter is the stock pipe?? How much of a difference in power did you notice between the two??

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The FMF 's don't necessarily need a clamp. You can put some RTV on the inside of the midpipe and it's a tight enough fit that it'll seal. I use a T-Bolt exhaust clamp from Summit Racing. No worries after that...

A quick word of careful with the Titanium on the main portion of the can. It's beer can thin and will dent/crease if you look at it wrong, but it's still a great pipe...SC

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Mark, Were you able to use your stock exhaust clamp on the FMF? I wasn't, it seemed too big even when screwed all the way in.

as said above, there is no need for the clamp. If you look closely there are no notches at the end of the pipe which you will find on the stock pipe. These notches allow to the clamp to "crimp" the pipe so that it tightens on the header.

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