How about those KTM's

I'm considering switching to a KTM, but I am still undecided. Would anyone be interested in buying a 98 WR400, IMS seat & tank plus original, 6 ounce flywheel weight, YZ timed, rejetted, aluminum handgaurds and bash plate, Renthal handle bars, Renthal sprockets (52 rear), Tsubaki O Ring chain, good Dunlop 756's, well maintained. Runs Great! Nothing wrong with this bike that a little new plastic wouldn't fix. Bought new last spring. I would consider taking $4,100, offers may be considered. I live in central Illinois.

Any Takers?

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The WR is faster than the KTM 400and much lower maintenance. Nice button though.

I have 3 freinds that just bought the KTM400's, and I have another mate who owned a 98 WR from the first batch that came to Australia. Anyway the WR guy has just bought a 2000 WR and just recently he had a good ride on one of the KTMs, and he reckons that it was that good he is considering selling his WR if he can still get hold of a KTM.

But that's only on person, others may say otherwise, you need to ride both (I know that's hard) and see what suits you


RodH Canberra, Australia<A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>

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I am actually considering going to a two smoker. I ride in the tight woods mostly and I am a little tired of fighting the shear weight and heavy feel of the WR. I love the power and stability of the WR but I need something that is more nimble. I don't think I need the fastest bike to have fun and be competetive in harescrambles. As a matter of fact I think I would be faster on a 250EXC or a 200EXC. I only wish I could get my hands on one to try it out first.

My only concern with the 200EXC is the power. Remember, I am only about 5'-7.5" tall, 158 lbs and I am 32 years old. Just looking for a little fun! I'm trying to avoid letting my ego influence the size of bike I get. A lot of guys think you aren't as good of a rider if you aren't riding at least a 250 but that is their problem. I just want to go fast, do well in races and have fun.

Any advice or takers on the WR?

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This maybe considered blasphemous here but there are things to be said for light weight :)

I'm 6'4" 220 so I really like the power of my 400 but I've also got a KDX200 in the garage. It's my wife's bike ( that's my story and I'm sticking to it!). Every once in a while I take it out for a spin just to make sure it's "okay". It's light, makes plenty of power and has a 6 speed tranny. I love having 6 speeds, it has "granny low" and dam near 3 digit speed 6th. The bike is a joy, makes my 400 seem really heavy but I love the power of the 400 on the hills!

Scrambler, (Insert Ca surf accent here ) Dude! Life is short buy the bike that makes you smile and "ride on". :D


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

I've worked in the motorcycle indutry for about 5 years now and the one thing I can tell you about KTM is try and get parts. I've had more than enough friends wait up to 6 weeks for something as simple as fork seals for a current 250 motocrosser. It's sad but to me that in itself makes it not worth it.


Have you seen the Dirt Rider article comparing the 200/250/300/380 KTM's - March 2000. It depends where you ride and how you ride which is best. One thing is for sure, get ready to be shifting alot more on the 200 and 250. The hydraulic clutches are very sweet and the 200 will be 40+ pounds lighter than the WR400. You really need both....

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