bike shipment and specific questions

I called trhe AMA today and got the phone # they recommend for shippers.

From NH to CO, it's $523 EACH way business to business. Make it residential to residential and add $124 EACH way.

I contacted a local motorcycle manufacturer (Rokon), and went with their shipper - $468 EACH way. If I can get Rokon to ship it, it is $246 EACH way.

Am-Track out of Boston is $450 EACH way.

My flight is $350 round trip. Think I can disassemble my bike and stick it into a carry on?

Next question: For you Colrado guys, How much is it to rent a bike and what kind of bike out of those Moab tour guys?

There was an article in a mag several months ago about disassembling a bike and bringing it onto the aircraft. Anyone remember that?


Check with Dawson Transportation. That's who Competition Accessories in Ohio used to ship my WR to me in LA - it was $300 for shipping by rail, $50 for the skid.


try www.freight also Overnight-Freight company.I had my wr400 shipped from CA. 260.00 one way.That was by overnight-freight company

I use Forward Air, Inc. Typically about $25 per 100 lbs (each way). You'll need to attach the bike to a pallet, and build 1/4" plywood walls. They have locations at all major airports.

In Los Angeles: (310) 355-1440

Hey Kevin,

How bout putting a baja kit on it and riding it out. Easy rider!!!!



I do have the bike registered in NH. Heck, New hampshire and Maine will register anything. I have thought about building a trailer for my Ninja and towing the WR behind it! I'll skip that. I would probably end up getting the trailer into a massive whip just like I did towing a Dodge Grand Caravan on a tow dolly behind a Mopar 1 ton pickup in Massachusettes. I was almost killed that day. I'll save that story for sitting around a bon fire in Moab. I have so many stories, I have been told several times to write a book. All the stories are true and I DON'T change the names to protect the innocent.


Elite Motorcycle Tours in Moab used '98 KDX200s last year. :) Well maintained, but not what you're looking for, I imagine.

I have heard of guys flying to Japan to pick up bikes before they are available in the US. You probably need three big duffels (I think the weight limit on bags is 100lbs.)

Actually I would not mind the KDX at all. I would prefer that over an XR400 anyday.

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