What did you do to your WR today?

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The Lexx pipe worked great yesterday. Noticed a slight loss of mid range snap compared to wide open YZ pipe. Bike ran fine - no re jetting needed.

Definately quieter, but still has a healthy bark without being obnoxious.

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I paid for but the boy installed on his 06 WR450F all new suspension bearings, front wheel bearings, oil, filter and rear brakes. She's good to go again.

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Last Sunday (still editing this past weekends video)

Installed some fresh grips after cleaning yesterday. I'm also in contact with the original owner to get the MSO so I can work on getting this thing plated here.


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I just picked mine up from Jnicola, I can't wait to actually ride it!

It's a 1999 WR400f

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The Lexx pipe worked great yesterday. Noticed a slight loss of mid range snap compared to wide open YZ pipe. Bike ran fine - no re jetting needed.

Definately quieter, but still has a healthy bark without being obnoxious.

What size tip did you try ? I do like the big 46 mm tip but to be honest it hurt my ears a bit at first,

I had to take it out and go with one of the smaller ones . Mainly because I felt like a dick being that loud.

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I rode it up and down the street out of pure desperation....

Next thing you know here comes the cops staring hard at me

but my bike was parked in the garage still a little warm ..

I have some dicks for neighbors...... kept it under 35 mph for cryin out loud .

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Saturday the WR got to stretch its legs.

Still trying to figure the best dead engine start for this thing. Both e-start & kick start are a 50\50 on whether or not it'll start. Suppose e-start will soak up less energy than kicking. Maybe I'll do both.



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Put in a new Hot Cam with the auto decomp in my 2000 WR400 this weekend. Man is it awesome! Bye, Bye starting procedure.

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Took it out last weekend and the motor performed flawlessly ! Thanks Gcally.



I broke it in on 50/50 fireroads and single track .

It did develop a slight oil leak right at the oil filter cover , gee I cant imagine why :banghead: .


Outsmarted myself again........that O ring on the bottom should be on the left side. :cool: Oops.

It's fixed, now I just adjust my chain and its good to go.

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Is that the race tip?? yikes I tried it once, way too loud. I run the trail saver tip, it's nice n stealth. Lookin good though.

I messed around and came up with a mirror setup. Works really well so far. a good road ride will tell though.. no more staring at my shoulers!





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Well i took it to dewildt this wekend,not sure if any of you know where that is,its in south africa and i am told it is the training ground for the roof of africa race!

I havent had the wr very long and it was hardest riding iv ever done on any bike but had the time of my life,7 hours of the most hectic random terrian and friendly townships with little shabeens all over to quench the thirst andfinally a huge thorn that ended the day off!

Sadly have decided to sell the wr to get a ktm xcw/exc they just so much easier to ride and are set up perfectly for dewildt!


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Is that the race tip?? yikes I tried it once, way too loud. I run the trail saver tip.

I tried the second to biggest tip, sounds sick but still way too loud, gonna go down to the next

size up from the "trail saver" which is where I was at before.

I bought e'm all too try !!!


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Put her up for sale today, anyone interested in giving this beauty a new home. deploying to afghanistan again soon and dont have room for storage.

sad to see her go.

check her out

I apologize in advance for the for sale post but I thought it would also be inteesting to show everyone what I have done to the bike.

If anyone objects to this posting please let me know and I will take it down. thanks -matt

please e-mail if you are interested, will deliver bike under certain conditions.


YAMAHA WR450F 2011 - $6800 (fayetteville)


2011 YAMAHA WR450F

Bike has very few hours on it, I have been riding and working on motorcycles for 20 years and this bike is perfect.

I have religiously changed the oil and oil filter and cleaned the air filter after the few rides the bike has been on.

The bike was broken in correctly, and I have run only factory suggested oil through this bike. no synthetic oil has ever been used

When I first bought the bike i took it apart, made sure every axel/bearing was lightly greased, and then I put it back together using a torque wrench on every nut and bolt and tightened to spec per owners manual.

Valves have been checked recently and are perfectly in spec.

The amount of work and after market parts i have put in this bike surpasses the amount of time riden.

I enjoy working and customizing bikes and this one is no exception.

I have been deployed twice (16 months) since I got this bike and it has sat on a bike stand in an air conditioned garage/storage unit since I have owned it. No more than 20 hours on the bike

I have professionally tuned and upgraded this bike to be a hare scramble/motocross hybrid.

The custom suspension done by total control racing is set up for my weight (190 lbs) to soak up roots and ruts off road and still be able to hit a large jump at the track without bottoming out.

The Air Induction System that originially came on this bike and been removed via the AIS removal kit w/ yamaha genuine parts

Although I still have all parts for the system if the next owner wishes to reinstall the AIS

I also have every single stock part that was originally on the bike, IE muffler, header, jetting, springs etc.

The worth of the after market parts and suspension work done to this WR is in the thousands of dollars

Modifications include-

Total Control Racing Suspension (factory connection/kyb parts) Revalved and Resprung (5.8k)

FMF PowerBomb Header

FMF Factory 4.1 Exhaust

JD Jet Kit

JD Fuel Mixture Screw

AIS Removal Kit

YZ Throttle Screw

Boyesen Quickshot 3 Accelerator Pump Cover w/ Adjustable Leak Jet

Designworks chain guide

Aluminum Alloy Skid Plate

Flex Handel Bar

Sunline Aluminum Throttle

Cyrca Probend Brush Guards

ASV Controls

Glide Light clutch cabel

White Plastics

White Graphics on front and swingarms for protection

Clear headlight protector

Stomp Gripped Seat Cover

Acerbis Front Disc Protector

Extras Included-

Maxxis desert terrain rear tire (tire on bike is the factory original with plenty of grip left)

MSR heavy duty rear tire tube

NGK spark splug (never had to replace)

atleast 4 each of all O-rings washers and gaskets needed to properly maintain bike with oil changes.

4 extra oil filter

2 extra air filters

original jets and extra jets fro JD kit

original accelerator pump cover and leak jet

extra swing arm plugs

Renthal R1 chain (havent had to tighten or replace original chain, religiously cleaned and lubed)

Original Plastics and Graphics that are NEW IN BOX condition (I put on aftermarket graphics before i even rode the bike)

All original controls to include clutch throttle and cabels

Original Air Induction System

BOLT parts kit

original springs

1 Extra Factory Connection Rear Spring (5.8k)

Bike Master True Gel Battery

Original Header and Exhaust

Original pro taper handel bars

I will include a tuff box to put all this in

Please email me if you have any questions.

Leave your phone number and I will contact you.

Will deliver bike within 200 miles of Raeford, NC

Bike is $6800 firm, dont need to sell. I just dont have any time to ride the bike anymore and I need room for bigger toys









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I have done most of the mods you have done here but I have not done the suspension and I have always wondered how my bike would look if I put white plastics on her. I really like it. Now I am going to have to think about doing this even more.

Nice Bike! I can't imagine that you wont get that amount but then again it may depend on how quick you need it gone.

Thanks for serving! :thumbsup:


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Have been installing a dual sport kit but seem to be at a stand still..cant get the outside cover off to get to the stater so it can be modified for street. What am I missing here?

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