i just have one more question concerning the dunes. this is a question for anyone who has ridden in the sand with the wr. how goood does this thing pull in the sand? i hear the sand really sucks up the horsepower is that true? does the wr have enough horsepower with baffle removed for the sand? i just don't want to do the 6 hour drive out there if my bike cant pull in the sand. i need answers, anyone, anyone!

It has more than enough. This is where the torque difference between the 400 and the 250's really shows. If you have a paddle it hooks up like a street tire would, way better than any knobby on dirt so don't lug the motor.


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i ride on the red river in texas and the sand will go past your ankels when you stand in it. I have a stock tire on my wr400 and the horepower is the only thing that keeps me from getting stuck. My friend lives in southern calif. and they use paddle tires in the sand and they say it is the only way to go

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