fmf power core IV-2 test

I purchased the new squared pipe and gave it a test downthe street (I have a plate). The first thing you need to know is it's really loud. Hell, it sounds like the race bikes at Carlsbad Raceway. It's at least 20% louder than the super trapp pipes on my XL 500 and XR 600 (each with eight discs).

I feel sorry for my neighbors, not to mention what happens when I cruise it on the street or in the National Forest. I think

FMF really overstated how quiet the new square pipe was going to be. Too bad somebody doesn't make a pipe with an adjustable gate (like the old honda 305's). Then we could cut the noise when passing sensitive ears.

Anyway, the bike feels quicker. Prior to, I had a Canadian pipe with no throttle restriction or air box lid. Mid range was noticably stronger. Or maybe race bark of the pipe just makes me think it's quicker.

I haven't rejetted it yet, but will do so this weekend. I should be able to give you better feedback next week.

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Please don't compare the WR to the XRs, sound wise. The increased compression, number of valves and RPMs of the WR make it a VERY hard bike to silence.

I think we will all be disappointed in FMF if their claims aren’t substantiated. I was afraid the ads were heavy marketing, but held out hoping for better technology.

Thanks for the news! Let us know how things go after jetting and your first off-road miles.


Do you have the reccomended jetting specs?

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