Who has smaller YZ style tank? - What is best option?

I am considering getting a smaller style YZ tank, since I rarely use all of the gas in my IMS 3.3gal. I am only 5'8" and it makes the bike more managable.

Clark Mfg. doesn't have a stock replacement. Are there any other options?


I don't think anyone makes a stock replacement. I just got a stock Yamaha yz tank. I think it was $141?


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I too have the YZ tank, as does Mitchy, and Bill in SC.

I love my YZ tank and begrudgingly will put back on my OEM WR seat and tank for Moab.


99 WZ, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and IMS seat, jetting by Clark/James, got forked by Pro Action, DSP airbox, PB Header, Stroker SX-1 SA, Thumper Rad Guards, Acerbis Hand Guards. Moab, HERE I COME!!


$141, Where did you get it. I just stopped by Long Beach Yamaha - They wanted $234!



Buy the bigger YZ tank - you'll be much happier in the long run. Just think how many more miles you'll be able to ride & still shred the corners :)


So Cal Erik got it for me from his "Yamaha connection"....


The proceeding nonsense brought to you by MotoGreg

On two wheels (or 3) since 1970

'92 GSXR 7/11 (Until I get a shwangy 916)

'99 WR/YZ400F 'Cause thumpers rule and two strokes drool!

Visit my photo album for the bargain price of $75 - ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK - EVIL LURKS WITHIN!

someone fill me in here coz i'm just not getting this.

i was told that the YZ tank is the same profile UP TOP as the IMS/CLARKE etc etc.

but the two above hang lower right? that means you can hold the fuel lower right?

so why wouldn't you enjoy hlding the fuel below where the YZ tank has even started?

i only need 1 gallon of the 3 imp galls my bike will hold but the point is that it holds it down near the cylinder head!

how could you give away this great benefit, especially when you still have the option of filling it with 2 more galls when you lucky things visit MOAB!!!

opaque tank everytime, run it on fumes, handles like a 125!



The stock YZ tank is much slimmer and shorter than either the Clarke or IMS. I don’t have any problems with my IMS getting in the way, but I’m 6 ft. and all arms and legs. But I definitely know it is there.

So I would think a smaller guy could really rail the bike with the stock YZ tank versus the Clarke or IMS. Of course this difference isn’t as great as stock WR vs. stock YZ, I’ve ridden a WR stock and all I can say is DAMN, how do you guys make that bike turn?

But, if I were you John in Long Beach, I’d get the Ty Davis tank. I haven’t ridden one but up close this looks to be the tank Taffy describes. Roughly same profile as YZ tank up top with all or most of the extra gas being carried below, where the stock YZ tank stops. Plus, if stock tank is really $234, the Ty tank will surely be even cheaper. Only my Herculean will power has kept me from ordering one :)

Montclair Yamaha sells the Ty Davis tanks, $199 they have them in stock right now in opaque and blue.


I have a stock YZ tank and IMS and think it's great. I just bought the Ty Davis tank and will see how it works very soon. My guess is I will probably keep both tanks, YZ for short rides and MX and Ty Davis for long rides. But I could be wrong. Maybe use the TYD for both.


I just ordered the Ty tank too...

Cant wait to try it out.

If you want to see another profile/pic of it, look at the picture of Ty Davis' bike on the IMS site.

Pretty awesome looking.

Those tanks must be flyin out the door at Montclair Yamaha. I've heard lots of folks saying they have bought one.


I dont know how to post pics on here or I'd just show you that way. If you go to IMS's site and click on pictures...you'll see it.

Or try http://imsproducts.com/photogallery/

Im 5'8" also...dont really have a problem reaching with my stock stuff on my WR but the IMS seat and Ty tank may help you out as well. I cant really say, as i dont have mine yet. I can say I've heard nothing but positive things about these tanks, they look really good too.

Stay away from that saddle tank your talking about too (numberplate kind). I read some bad reviews on them. They make the bike handle funny and they dont transfer gas to the carb properly, especially on hills.

Well now I am confused. I have the IMS but being 5'8" I am more interested in the MX aspect of a smaller tank.

Do I go with the TY tank or with the YZ.

I am interested to hear how people like the new ty tank. If it has the same small feel as the YZ, then it may be just the ticket.

Clark Mason has one and highly recommends it. He says its as skinny as a YZ tank, yet carries most of the fuel lower thus lowering the center of gravity.

This is a tank that Ty Davis personally had designed for his use...its gotta be good.

If it works for Ty, its gotta work for me!

the tank i want hasn't been made yet!

i don't need 3 imp gals. i want a Ty Davis tank with an even lower top profile than the YZ. if that means 2 1/2 then fine.


Originally posted by Vincent:


That is an interesting picture. Look at how the tank graphics are cut so that you can still see the fuel level. Since it appears on the IMS site I will assume that IMS is molding the Ty Tank for Montclair Yamaha/Ty Davis??? Interesting, because the pictured “opaque” tank looks much whiter than my IMS opaque. Hmmmm…

I've got the OE YZ tank and seat, I got them from my local dealer for about 325 dollars plus tax. I ordered the YZ426 stuff, I think its the same as YZ400 stuff. You would be amazed at the miles you can put on with the factory tank, and for MX I think it's the best. If you are going for an all day ride then you will need a bigger tank. I can go approx 50 to 60 miles on my tank in fairly technical woods riding.

I have the stock YZ tank and stock seat and foam. I bought the package from El Cajon. There's a link in the "Links" section. Ask for Jared and he'll hook you up. He through in a full set of one industries graphics and a seat cover. Don't remeber the price off the top of my head.... wasn't cheap. BUT WELL WORTH IT!!!! It feels like a brand new bike!!


99WR,WR timing,throttle stop removed,Twin Air filter,E-Series,carbon air box,Pro Tapers,lights removed,YZ tank,13 tooth sprocket,....Still can't ride worth a s@#t.

I couldn't find the Ty Davis tank on the ims web page. I'm short too 5'8" I have to tippey toe when standing still, gonna suck when I make Blue Betty street legal. I think Ims or Acerbis makes a 1.2 gallon reserve that goes in place of the number plate on the left side. There is a picure of one at baja designs. Should solve the mileage problems. I do think you loose the hand grab hole though. Doesn't look too dorky either. Throw some numbers on there, I don't think anyone will notice it.

Do you have to put a YZ seat on then if I get the YZ or TY Davis tank?

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