Need a favor from a Owner w/a XR650L? PLEASE!

....long story short. Looking for a owner of a legally plated XR650L (in Calif) I need to 'see' what the emissions label looks like for a 'research' project for my (trying to get plated) 97 XR600R. I need a digital pic, or??? would be great. I work in Santa Clarita, live in Palmdale and would be more than happy to meet somewhere. I can take pic, if you cant. Or.... email me at

racedagto at roadrunner dot com


PM me here @

Please! Help a brother out? BIG thanks in advance


Go to palmdale honda and take a picture of one... they have a used one out front.

Thanks. Ive seen that bike. Forgot about that one.

Where is the emisions label? I can email you it later tonight.....

Its usually @ steering head, near vin#. I sure would appreciate it

guy at autobodyspecialist dot net


racedagto at roadrunner dot com


I couldn't find it, do you know what color is it?

The sticker itself is mainly black w/white print. At least the ones at the dealer are...

Be careful doing this (wink wink). If DMV or CARB suspects any suspecious activity it can be ugly.. I have heard of jailtime.. Happened at one of our custom shops in town.. Guy served a few weeks but paid heavy fines.

With a 97 you should not need the label.. it is pre 2003 .. Just tell them it rubbed off or something. They will just leave it blank on the form.

I really think we should all lobby to get rid of these ridiculous laws and dump the red sticker/green sticker thing.. Just plain stupid. Even the DNR officers agree.

....I hear ya. Unfortunately, You do need the sticker. If you dont have it, they check the box 'missing' and you dont get plates (least I didnt). I think I will edit my orig post. Thanks

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