Dr D Graphics

Ive been waiting to get a hold of DR D graphics for my bike.I like the way they look but I also love his products,so here is my 05' with new bars&plastic& graphics.ready to race for summer 07'.Tell me what you think.Russ HPIM1246.jpg

I like those! I have the Yamaha Corporate graphics, but they're getting a little rough around the edges. The Dr. D's are very clean. Where'd you get 'em and how much?...SC


Full of Gas and ready to ride!

That's the way it should be!

I got the DR D graphics straight from Dubach Racing,I cant remember exactly off the top of my head the price but they were in line price wise as other kits.I just couldnt find any I liked.The DR D I had seen on some bikes in magazines and loved the look and the pipe is great sothat was my decision.They are great to deal with.I ordered on line & the next morning a rep called to verify year and model.Great service.The # plates&air box covers are Decal works pleased with them also.There was air box decals and fork guards also but I chose to leave the Yamaha.that stuff was thick,the rear fender was tough because of tail light.you can see this in pics in my garage.I just trimmed for the light.

Man that looks sweet. Ive got a DR D pipe aswell and was considering those same graphics. I think im convinced.

How are those Dr. D graphics holding up? I am looking at them for my 04 YZ250f. How bad is the annoying white to yellow thing with the tank graphics? Just thought you might have some insight after a couple of months of "testing."

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