vapor temp sensor

I hooked up my vapor and wired everything into the computer, it runs great, speedo tach, But the temp sensor hasn't read since, except maybe once, because in the screen with all your maxs it said the temp was 132F, but i've tried letting it sit for a while ect and still dosn't read, i have the sensor one the left hose i beleave that is the coolent after beening heated. The temp has been about 65-70F. would my bike stay under 100f if that was the temp? or is my sensor done?

You might want to look in the book, mine says you have to reset the Vapor before the sensor reading will show.

cool thanks i'll try that

Another note. You will get no reading until the temp reaches 100F.

thanks for all the info, it turns out it was the red reset button it works good now!!!

I had the same problem, in the installation page it says to press a combination of buttons to let the computer search for the new sensor, you only have to do this once. It's nice to have a temp sensor hey?

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