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Seal Savers getting thrashed on '07 WR450

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Not sure what to do about this issue.

The plastic fork guards are ruining the seal savers.

Every time the front fork is compressed, the inside part of the

fork guards dig into the seal savers and shred them.

I considered cutting this section of the fork guards off,

but then thought against it for fear the forks would get

dinged up from debris flying up from the front tire (the reason

they put fork guards on in the first place...)

Any others have this issue?

Any solutions?


(I swear by seal savers and would hate to not be able to use them.)

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Yep mine did the same. Here's what you need to do:

Take off or loosen the fork guards.

Remove the plastic ring at the bottom of the upper fork or just slide it up the fork to get it out of the way.

Install your seal savers maybe an inche above where the ring sits.

Put the ring back in its place on top of the seal saver. It will not snap in nicely now because of the seal saver.

Add a zip tie around the plastic ring and one above at the top of the seal saver.

You're done.

I did this after my first set got trashed and it works great.


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I had the same problem with my 05. I increased the inside diameter of the fork guards. I pulled off the fork guards, hit them with a heat gun, stuck a softball in the top part and let them cool. Now they don't touch the seal saver when the shocks compress.

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Hey Guys,

This is great info. Would I have the same issue if I install Seal Savers on my 04?

Greg, Do you have any pictures of your setup?

I'll take one and post it in the next couple days.

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