Bottoming out ,How often

How often,if ever should you bottom out the suspension when riding off road.Not wrist breaking ,nut shattering:eek: slams but hearing[feeling?] a thunk when you know your at the end of travel.A rider I ride with says you should bottom a couple of times a mile,if not your suspension is to hard .Any thoughts on this?:applause:

your suspension should bottom on the most extreme obsticles you are riding on. Its easier to determine on the track but as far as off road, your suspension should bottom (not hard) every time it takes a decent hit. If it doesnt you arent using the full travel.

^^^ Although I agree that the suspension should bottom out on the extreme stuff, I don't think it should bottom out all that much ... I guess for trails, the softer the better, so that would kind of make sense to have it bottoming a few times per mile ... Myself though, I would think that's too soft (or it one hell of a trail) ... I ride trails and pits with the occasional track thrown in now and again ... After setting up my suspension I'm typically looking to see about 3/8"-1/2" of travel that isn't being used up (I look at the wiper marks on the forks and the shock) after tooling around for a bit ... I consider that my safety travel for the hard landings and obstacles that I didn't see coming ...

I have mine set up for offroad/hare scrambles and I like it fairly soft so I bottom out quite a bit on flat landings and even hard g-outs, but probably less than a couple times a mile.

if you are clearing most of the obstacles on a track. Then you should bottom out like once or twice per can check to see if your bottoming but looking at the oil mark on the leg and where you can see the dirt or dust line should be using most of the fork travel and have maybe 1-2 inches left. Anything else would mean its too stiff. same thing goes for the shocks.

If you set it up too soft for the trail you tend to get a loose wallowy feel. I like to set mine up so it's plush initially but firms up past mid stroke. Sub tanks help a lot for this.

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