XR650L looking for stock rear fender assy

i bought an 02 XR650L with an aftermarket rear fender which is in horrible condition. Can anyone suggest where I can buy the stock rear fender complete with brake light and license plate holder. or if anyone has this lying around throw me a line. thanks.

I'm sure you've checked the new stuff and found that this light assembly is a pricey little item. There was one for sale on a xr650l that was being parted out on this site..check the for sale area. The components you want, if bought new run about $300.

why not go aftermarket?

Maier has fenders, the Euro XR600 taillight bolts right on

not 100% sure but think a DR650 taillight will fit as well

Lots of options other than stock.

I have the stock crap on hand if you want it drop me a message. Ill make you a price.

I have the stock rear taillight assy, too. I doubt I'll ever use it. Drop me a line if you are interested. I think the rear fender is gone, but I'll check.

ebay item # 260115253980 $50.00

i too have the stock rear fender, taillight assy. with lic. plate holder. pm me and we can make adeal.

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