De-smog applies to CA version only?

I haven't picked up my XRL yet, but I'm compiling my list of aftermarket parts. On the XRsonly site it says the smog block off kit is for the CA bikes. I thought they all had the smog/air recirculation stuff on them.:thumbsup:

I don't know about the L but 07 650Rs all have the smog equipment. At least that's what my local dealer here in Colorado said.

Thats what I was figuring. And that's on an off road only bike.

The most important "de-smog" to do is the jetting. The bikes are setup too far on the lean side to pass smog. It is not a California thing, it is on all of them.

It is not an EGR system. All the pump does is pump a little air into the exhaust. It really doesn't do anything performance wise.

Yep, bought my '07 R in Tennessee. Had smog plumbing. Baja Designs has a kit to take care of it.

All XRLs have an air pump and a oil-vapor separator (often mistaken for a charcoal canister).

Cali bikes also have a charcoal canister.

None of those impede performance except by adding weight, impeding cooling , or adding popping on decel.


Thanks for the info guys.

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