coming into it

thanks to the help of this site and you guys on here ,my650l is starting to wake up and BE REBORN...yeeee hawwww.with just a couple more jet adjustments,i should be done far ,dynojet kit,and daves mods,fmf q2,uni filter,desmog,desnorkel and wow, she'll wheelie....haha.she' a little rich,cause of my own experiment ,so im gonna change the pilot and i think we'll have it.also added pirelli scorpions and the 4.7 gallon tank is in the mail.but the best is the thumpertalk stickers on the fender..THIS SITE ROCKS ,AND YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST.i know by snooping around on here u guys like pics, so when the tank gets here,ill try to put one on here for u.ill have to do a search on how to do it but ill try. thanks again guys...mike

where in Indiana are you located?

madison,on the river ,way south

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