Update in progress XRL Pics

God the more i work on this bike the more i remember from when i ripped my 86 xl600r apart when i was a kid. Let me know what you guys think so far. the paint job came out real good. just took off the front end to swap out the fork covers. does anyone know the proper tork when i re bolt to the tree032907_1223.jpg






looking good, keep up the good work :bonk:

Thanks. i was just telling my buddy that i hate him for getting me back duel sports. now i mess with the bike every waking second. haha

The weather s getting good here in the northeast,I wouldn't go to far unless you got a good reason to.

Looking good! Did you figure out what plastic you're going to use?

I went with acebris front and rear in cr red. stock tank shrouds on ebay and painted the side panels for now. the plastic paint came out good

What did you use for paint?

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