Rear suspension adjustments on a 99 YZ400F

I just purchased myself a 199 YZ400F (I love it by the way) and I have some questions about adjusting the rear shock's race sag.

Is it true that I have to remove the entire sub frame before I can get to the shock to adjust the sag?

If not, Does any body know of a way to adjust it without removing the sub frame?

and Last..... if I wanted a shop to do it..How much is the normal charge for adjusting the race sag?

thanks for everybody's Help!!!!!

Patrick M.

No you shouldn't have to take off the subframe, if you knock the locking ring loose with a drift puch or screwdriver and a hammer, you should be able to turn the spring and the ring will go with it.

You shouldn't have the shop set your sag, because it is particular for your weight. Dress up in full gear including boots and helmet so its accurate for when ur riding, its easy to do. do a search.

Thanks Jimbob69!!!!!!!

I understand that you can knock the locking ring loose

but then..... how do you tighten the locking ring back up???

And also How do you do the actual adjustment of the spring or the adjustment spring???

Thanks again for the help.... all of you are awesome and better than am mechanic i could ever talk to!!!!

Patrick M.

Thanks everybody!!!

I just bought myself a drift punch and it took about 30 minutes to adjust everything and tighten it all back up. I can totally see where a screwdriver would tear up the lock ring.

Without you all I would have followed the service manual and took apart the entire subfamre. that would have wasted about 4 hours of my day!!!!!

Thanks again for all of your Help!!!!!!!

Patrick M.

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