chain guard support removal

Ok, did a search... nothing of value... the chain guard is needed for inspection in Jersey so i need to keep the tabs on the top of the swing arm and that way i can cut the plastic and make it appear as though the guard would actually do something... what i don't like is the Aluminum "L" bracket welded on the inside of the swing arm...

here ...


i can't see that it is structural but i can see it collecting mud and grass and sticks and twigs...

another shot...


looks like i can just cut it off flush...:applause:

anyone care to show me the bracketectomy?

I cut mine off with a sawzall and never looked back. be sure to file down the sharp corners.

hmmm, i think ill whack that bracket off mine too :applause:

I rocked it up and down a few times and the weld snapped pretty cleanly.

It had been abused by stuff the T-flex was tossing around, was 1/2-way gone already.


Took a grinder with a cut off wheel to mine, 20 seconds later I was bracket less :applause:

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