HELP !!! 01 XR650R won't start

In the winter months I try and start the bike wvery 3-4 weeks to run some fuel through it. In the last couple months I did this without much issues. 1/2 dozen kicks and it would fore up, I would run it till hot, idle good never a problem.


Yesterday it was 50's here in Pittsburgh and I thought I would run it round the block a few times. I kicked till my leg went knumb, tried to bump start it. I got it running once or twice and it would idle then shut off in 30 seconds. I took the plug out to dry it cuz at this point fuel was dripping out of the carb. I thought the floats were stuck and tapped them a few times. Today.................. the same. NO GO. :applause:

And to make matters worse, while kicking it on the kickstand with my fat a$$ the kickstand broke.

1st- Does anyone have an extra kickstand?

2nd- Any ideas what to do now?

I thought I was out of fuel but there is enough in it to flood the carb and start dripping out.

I am ready to burn the thing......... HELP !!!


Did you try starting it (after letting it sit overnight to dry out) with the choke on the partial open setting? Had the same scenario happen up here as the weather warmed up to the 50s & started right up. If it's flooded did you use the fooding procedure? (turn off the gas, pull the compression release in kick it through 10-15 times), then hold throttle wide open with choke off & try it.

Install a new spark plug.

Drain old fuel and clean carb.

I second the spark plug, this has happened to me twice now. Put in a new plug. I would even go as to say it is black also.

Change your pilot jet (use a 70 or 72). It will start right up.

You kicked on it w/the kickstand down?:applause:

Not tryin to be a jerk but,thats how a girl starts a bike.

Maybe you should sell the brp and get a ttr225 w/e-start.


Well thanks for the replies, NO I didn't put a new plug in yet. The one that is in only had 1 day of riding on it but I did take it out a few times for it to dry and to clean it up. (haven't been to bike shop yet) It looks good other than being wet all the time. And I know not to kick it on the kickstand but I was so ****straded from all the kicking that I just wanted a break, and that was what happened...... "I got a break" :applause:

I just wanted the easy way out before I rip into the carb but that looks like what is going to happpen today.:lol:


Get rid of the stock carb, then you won't have to wonder why it doesn't start. Then it is either the plug or no gas.

Thar she blows. It runs, it runs. yesterday I played around with it for an hour or so then finally..............FIRE. :lol: Not sure what I did to get er fired. drained float bowl a few times, switched plugs half dozen times, swore at it a few more times then chugg chugg. FIRE. :applause:

Ran it around the block like a scared rabbit at a dog show. Pissed all the neighbors off really good. :lol:


Not tryin to be a jerk but...

...but you are. Nice job, noob.

...but you are. Nice job, noob.

:applause: You read my mind.


...but you are. Nice job, noob.

"Noob".....thats a good one!:applause:


BRP crap to start

compression relesse in

kick it thur 5 times

compression relesse out

find tdc

compression release in to just rollover top of tdc

compression relesse out

2 big throttle twists

kick her ass solid

this alpplies to my elderbrock carb . no choke

these bikes suck to start

did you see Dust to glory when he couldn't start his bike in the pit and got passed ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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