what is the quietest muffler

I want a quiet muffler for my 04 wr450. when i bought it it came with a fmf factory 4 with the quiet insert, but i would like it a little quieter under 94 decibles. You guys have any ideas, i don't have the stock one. there is a ride this year that i want to go on but i need to be under 94 decibles. I tried to search first but couldn't come up with anything.

Thanks in advance......Todd

The 05-06 stock muffler is whisper quiet. There is a huge performance penalty though especialy with the stock pea shooter baffle set up.

I am looking for the quietest aftermarket muffler, not stock. is the FMF q2 the best?

IMO the quietest aftermarket muffler is the WB E2 or the FMF Q2 or the new Q4.

I've heard great things about the Q4. Quieter than a Q2 and more performance is the general consensus. Same price too I believe.

The quietest thing you can get is the stock muffler with the insert removed. It will register at about 93db. I know this for a fact.

If you want to open it up a little more, add the PMB insert. You will then blow a 95.5b-96b, which is still acceptable in many places.

Power will be down a little, but you'll be able to twist the throlle more to compensate. no problem.

Im looking for a stock exhaust from a 05 or 06 WR450 also a yz 450 stock exhaust



thanks guys, i think i will try the q4.

i run a big gun evo x with the quiet insert and spark arrestor. not sure of db reading but its fairly quiet while not being too restrictive

I am looking for the quietest aftermarket muffler, not stock. is the FMF q2 the best?

The q2 is very quiet and it has a nice throaty sound. I have it on my KLR and it sounds great. Im thinking of getting one form my XR. If you want quiet I think the Q2 is what you are looking for.

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