anyone willing to order me decals?

Hi there i have seen some decals i want but they do not ship to the uk,

i can only find these decals at this place so i was wondering if i pay someone

through paypal the amount for the decals and obvioulsy the postage would some one decent here be willing to order them for me and post them over to the uk to my home address.

these are the decals i am wanting (link)

bike is the yzf426 2001

anyone willing to send me these if they are let me know the price it will cost.


I will. Unfortunately I don't have paypal though. You'll have to figure out the shipping costs to and from Sacramento, California and a different way for me to get the funds.

You should be able to order them and then just pay one of us the shipping costs through paypal....just have them shipped to one of us...if that makes any sense.

Have you tried Thumpertalks store i know they ship international :applause:

Have you tried Thumpertalks store i know they ship international :applause:

There ya go :applause:

thats a FLU design kit. they have loads of uk dealers, prob more than anyone else.....

email those guys, i no there a uk based FLU dealer, ur kit my not be on the site, but am sure they could get it for you.

yea i was looking at a set of those on a uk mx sales shop but i cant remember the name now of the shop:thinking:

found em on ebay there is a shop called team filipe they have the kit instock

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