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07 WR and 02 WR Jets/Needle Compatible?

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I've got a suspected warn needle in the carb on my 02 WR426, which has been otherwise bulletproof.

It's started running very rich all of a sudden. Happened about 12 months ago and, on advice from the local Yamaha head mech, I raised the needle to the third position, which solved my problems. However it's doing it again and I'm either going to move the needle to the second position or get a new one - i'm more comfortable doing the latter.

I'm thinking about getting a JD jetting kit, but am also considering upgrading to an 07 WR450 at the end of the year.

My question is, if I buy the whole JD kit to solve my current problems, will I be able to use those jets in the 07 when I upgrade at the end of the year?

Otherwise I might just get the needle only.

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