What is the power output on my stator

I have a stock stator modded to put all power out to battery as per Baja Designs modification. What is my total power output?

come on guys, someone out there must know this...........

I bet Baja Designs knows the answer...:ride:

be curious to hear what your answer is, I did the BD mod and have wondered also.

A claim of 120 watts when you do the mod. I can run a 35watt HID and 35 watt helmet light plus have a regular bulb taillight on plus work the brake light. All at an idle without diming plus the engine needs about 25 watts to run and charge the battery. So it has plenty of power no matter how you rate it.

The WR alternator is rated at 120 watts.

That makes sense as the total power don't change, only changes how it comes out, instead of two diff outputs, bd kit allows it all to go through the battery now.

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