Fork size?

I am going to order a motionpro fork seal driver what is the size of my front forks ?? I guess I could look in the manual but its in the shed and its -15C outside.... brrrr

1999 yz400f

I believe it's 46mm (the inner tube diameter is what's referred to).

Just checked...It is 46mm.

THANX will be doing my own fork seals this winter :ride:

ok is there anything else i need special while im ordering the fork seal drivers? Ive alread got the replacemenet oil seals and dust seals does anything else need to be replaced at the same time, Im assuming replace all the oil as well?

Yeah your going to need fork oil too.

If you do the job perfectly and don't waste more than 3-4oz, 1 qt of fork oil (fork oil 01, or 5wt) will do the job. Most of us need two quarts, unless you have some left over from last time.

The fork bushings (the manual calls them "metals" :ride: ) may be worn. It's no extra work to replace them, because they have to be removed to replace the seals, anyway. They don't cost much, and as old as your bike is, it could well be time for a new set. Or, you can wait until you have it apart to inspect them.

when i did mine, in the parts diagram at the top of the fork, there is a bumper or rubber I think they call, it on the 99 yz400f, I have never seen them on any other fork I have done. Mine were kinda crushed, so I had to tear it back apart in about a week and put mine in. They were in the 9.00 range i think a piece.

thanx guys i'll order that stuff too might as well if they are not that much.....

You don't need one listed specifically for the YZF, only one labeled for 46mm seals. But before you buy that particular one (which looks fine, BTW), call and clarify the size. It's listed as 46/47mm, but the picture calls it for 48mm forks, which would be too large.

Thanx I actually already did email them and they said it was a screw up and that the size is infact 46/47mm so I'll get those ones since they are 25 dollars less then most others.....I find it strange though that they are listed for CR, CRF and RM and not YZF?.I have bought 5-6 things from that guys too and never had a problem.....thanx gray

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