starting question

I have an erratic problem starting. Every once in a while, push the magic button, the starter starts then stops. It has even happened trying to kick it, go to kick it, might as well be kicking the foot peg. It is a 06 450, so I figure they had all the decomp probs fixed. When it happens when Im using the kicker, it is solid. No spongie feeling like not able to get passed any compression. The way I get around this is to put it in gear and push it, and it is fixed. I guess what I really need to know is if this is normal, or do I have a catastrophe waitng.

John in Vegas

Nothing to worry about, mine has done the same on & off for a year now, I just give it a slight rocking movement in gear.

I will take your word on it. just doesnt seem right.

thank you.

it's cause the piston is on the compression stroke.. Mine did it too..

Thats what I thought at first, but the kicker is solid. Thanks

I probably had an isolated incident, but on a recent dune trip I began to have trouble starting my bike with the e-start. Not long after, the battery died. So I went to the kickstart method just figuring it was time for a new battery. Every once in a while the kickstarter would get into a position like yours where I could only get past what I assumed was TDC by using all my weight. I have a rekluse in my bike so just rocking it back and forth wouldn't do anything. Finally it got into a position where I couldn't kick it over.

To make a long story short, all 6 bolts that held my flywheel, starter clutch and starter gear together sheared and were clinging to the inside of my flywheel. If you think what you're experiencing is really weird and you want to doublecheck that everything is ok, pull your left side crankcase cover and inspect those bolts.

Like I said, probably only an isolated incident. I've come across one other TT member who had the same problem, but it's worth checking if it helps you sleep at night. :lol:

i had the same problem one time.

i just rocked it back and forth in gear, and there was no problem.

it hasn't happened since then....but i wouldn't mind knowing what was going on.

im sure we have all came across that at some time, im not worried here, seems if she stops at almost top dead center she's hard to get moving, just put her in gear and move her a bit and she will fire right up, not to worry man..........

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