Another handguard thread

Yup, another handguard thread:bonk:

I have narrowed my choice down to the Cycra probends and the Moose Racing Handgaurds. The Moose racing seem cheaper, is their quality related to the price?:confused: Anyone have experience with them or should I just spend the $ and get the Cycra's from the beginning?:lol:

cycra will last forever spend the extra $50

I have Cycra on my bike and installed Moose racing on my wife’s bike. Both are very well made and both look good. The Cycra installed with no modifications while I had to add some bend to the MR to make them fix correctly. IMO go with the Cycra. They are easier to mount and from what I have read the pro bend design can help avoid wrest injury during a unplanned get off.

I have both the cycras and Moose guards. Both are good guards. But the cycras are tripple clamp mounted (You can get them either bar or tripple clamp mounted) and as a result really seem to stiffen up the entire handlebar/tripple clamp structure. I really like them.

But I have the Mini Moose aluminum guards on both my Kids bike and my YZ400 and the fit is awsome (mini moose guards work killer on cut down woods bars Ive found)

Be aware that any handguard will not be an exact fit on your bike. They are all a generic fit and some bikes will require modifications to the guards to make them fit. Having to bend the aluminum guard to get an exact fit is fairly common. Or having to cut them down and drill another hole in the center for cut down bars. Just an FYI.

I have moose and have smoked a tree and was taken right off the bike and the hand gaurds did there job ,, they saved my hand. But I'm sure there is better ones out there for a better reason .

I've trashed two sets of Cycra guards in relatively minor get-offs (anyone who rides with me knows I don't ride fast enough for really spectacular ones!) and my son has dusted a set. The fit is great, the protection is good, they don't dork with your wrists when you go over the bars, and Rick at Cycra is really nice when he's selling you another set, but I kinda expected better durability for the price.

I ran Cycra for years and decided I needed a change since I keep bending the triple clamp mounts for them. I recently got the fastway set-up and am very pleased with the fit and function. Pro-moto billet makes them

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