spotted a 2001 xr650r 4 sale in Santa Cruz

I'm a newbie and finally have my own 01 650r after first accidentally purchasing a stolen 97 xr600r (major fiasco). I'm working my way through the posts on xr 600/650 and am on page 105.

Today I spotted an 01 xr650r for sale in santa cruz. They can be a little hard to come by and none of my buddies seem like takers so far so here goes if you are looking for one:

quoting for sale sign

2001 xr 650 r

go fast kit

fmf slip on

baja designs kit with low pro blinkers (2 tail lights)

CA plated

$3200 0b0

phone 831-332-4313

I noticed:

plastics a bit scratched up, graphics too.

Stock tank

Appeared to have high bend bars

stock looking suspension

stock header no dents

frame and case look clean

bike needed a good bath (I probably would have pressure washed it if I was selling.)

Hope this helps, I know nothing about this bike other than what I saw -Just remember when I couldn't sleep nights because I wanted one so bad!

If anyone is looking to ride in the south bay area drop me a line - Can't get enough of my BRP!


As long as the bike isn't real tired, you found a great deal, with some extras no less. Congratulations. :lol:

Welcome,dfresh71, to TT.:lol::confused:

Remember, there always a asking price and a taking price..

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