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Elec Starter Wiring Diagram ?

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Hi guys

Having some trouble with WR450 04

When i push the ignition switch in, starter motor turns !

Have disconnected starter button, makes no difference

Had to pull a fuse in starter relay so i could run the engine via kick starter

Changed relay unit next to battery and it makes no difference

Can't see any wires damaged / touching / shorting out

Wiring diagram in online manual here has no colour coding

think this would help, if info is avaliable

Any suggestions,

Help please

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I think this applies to the WR450F

Electrical diagram of a WR250F :

There is this diode that you should check #5

There seem to be 2 relays one # 9 and one close to the starter #12

If removing the relay stops the continius starting and it is not the start button then probably it is a wire that is Blue/Black is shorted to ground.

I can e-mail you better drawings if you PM me your e-mail address.

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