DRZ pics, lets see your Z

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1 minute ago, NZ_Rotter said:

Really? Must have the inseam of Wee Man.

LOL , 31" inseam

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      Very new to the dirt bike forums but not so new to bikes. Picked up my 1977 Suzuki PE250B back in 2012 for 500$. Running and riding just fine with little maintenance done since then. Parked the bike in late 2015 due to it shutting off on me while riding (which I believe to be a spark or carb issue) and just now getting around to finding the time to fix since being out of school.. Parts and a source of info have been my biggest obstacles. Anyways here's the bike.

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      I have  a 1999 Suzuki RM125.  On the left side of the cylinder there is a knob.  The knob is to adjust the spring tension of the exhaust valve/power valve.  I know how to tighten/loosen the spring tension, but I don't know what the tension should be or how many turns it should be at, or where in the rev band it should open up.  There is a little indicator with an arrow pointing clockwise, but again, I don't know how many turns to start at and where it should point, etc.  Can you guys help me out?  Thanks!

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      Breakdown: Piston had gauges in it from a screw being too long it seems and some shavings touching piston.  The carb is from another year and has been rejetted from stock 460 to 370. (Found this out when the carb rebuild kit wouldn't direct replace).
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