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heaster were did you get edge kit is it the 1 or 2

hope you can help

cheers jason

Hi Jason, :worthy:

You can get DRC Edge LED taillights and blinkers here:

As to 1 or 2, that comes down to personal preference, as each one has its good points. Here's mine, it's a 1:

Take Care,


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    • By Cam the man
      so i can trade my 04 yz250f for a 2002 rm125 i ride mostly all trails. i am tired of my 4 stroke because it's nickle and diming me. i have a few questions about the RM. 
      How is the reliability on 02 rm125/ Your opinions of bike
      Will the rm125 be easier to maintain than my yz250f? 
      What problems will pop up on this bike or common problems, what should i ask the seller about the bike?

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      Hey all first post here having some issues and could use some more experience.
      background: 05 Suzuki RM125. Acquired in a trade. Was ripping great for a day or two on the trails up north and then all of a sudden just bogged down and died. (Only issue during this time was a little bogging when you went wide open throttle--dirty jet for sure, but still ripped).
      Breakdown: Piston had gauges in it from a screw being too long it seems and some shavings touching piston.  The carb is from another year and has been rejetted from stock 460 to 370. (Found this out when the carb rebuild kit wouldn't direct replace).
      Today: Top end rebuild was done with new gaskets, piston, and proper screws.  The carb has been rebuilt besides the 370 jet, that was cleaned and put back in since I didn't have another one. 
      Bike wont start. Doesn't even sound like it wants to. "Wet" is the term I use to describe it when kicking, but the plug isn't wet or flooded.  Has good spark/compression.  Where do I go from here to troubleshoot this thing????
      thanks for reading all this! 

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      Hello i am selling my 04 yz250f because all i do is ride trails, hit hill climbs maybe sometimes single track. the bike is nickle and diming me because of it's age and plus i am 5'7 140 and can't ride it hard enough because i'm kinda small for bike. i don't know a bike to buy after i sell it. i need something with great reliability, and somewhat easy maintenance btw i can't deal with another valve issue!! 😩 i want something that is a good trail bike but has good torque and power. i'm not looking for the 250 power. i was considering the crf230f but is it to small for me? And how are the reliability on 125 2 strokes? i'm 5'7 140. Suggestions welcome please!!  forgot to mention i have good experience on dirt bikes i have been riding for about 3 years from a ssr 125 to a cr80r now to a 250.
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      I have a ttr125 regular and I haven't rode it more than 50 times and i've had a little experience with 4 wheelers but never owned one. I want a little bit bigger bike but I also have always wanted a 2 stroke. Im not interested in yamaha or suzuki. I'm not a racer and I don't plan on getting into racing but I want a 2 stroke. I'm 15 years old, 5'6, and 130lbs.
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      Hello everyone,
      I am trying to find a cheap replacement for the stock DRZ400sm gas cap. Zeta has one but it requires the inners from the original. I bought another gas tank to use for the woods but it didnt come with a gas cap. Looking for something inexpensive that i wont have to use the inners from my other cap for. I just cant bring myself to spend the 100+ on one off of ebay. I dont care if it locks or not either?
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