DRZ pics, lets see your Z

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what kind of rack is that??? and where did you buy it. I looked in the garage and it is a "kientech motorworks rack"?? nice bike. I should post mine :worthy:, I would if I knew how LOL

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Here is my most recent pics. A pic of my bike can change week by week.

Next weeks project is to redo the tail light and rear signals for the third time.

Alot of the standard mods have been done.


3x3, jet kit, hybred yoshimura titanium RS3 but has a stainless header, DNA air filter, Pro Taper bars and Cycra hand gaurds, Distnazias, short seat, BD led taillight that is gonna be moved again.

And yes I ride it in the dirt. :worthy:

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Nice bikes everyone!

almost new: :prof:



dirt wheels: :worthy:


after sinking 1st time out w/dirt wheels: :D


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i like the muddy SM! it looks like my bike will in a day or so(hopefully).

great DRZ beach pic too. thanks for making my day guyz!


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I really put them back on for winter riding , dont trust the knobs for wet road condtions !!

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