WR250F V. YZ250F (or "which should I get")

We’re all sick of the repetitive posts asking this question, can someone make this a sticky? :prof:

Check www.thumperfaq.com for great information, especially on how to “YZ a WR” etc.

WR more suited for trails and YZ more suited for track. You can modify either bike to make it more like the other. If you only ride tracks it is a no-brainer to get the YZ. For trail riding a lot of folks prefer the light weight of the YZ, but there are a lot of differences besides just the weight.

Here’s the differences, make up your own mind. :worthy:

YZ is 29.3 lbs lighter, as of 2007: more maneuverable, quicker acceleration. That means the WR is 14% heavier than the YZ.


Heavier flywheel: slower acceleration, but less likely to stall in tight/technical sections. Many YZ riders put on heavier flywheel or Rekluse clutch for trail/technical riding to compensate.

Suspension: set up more for trail riding, not as stiff as YZ. Not as good on track for jumping as YZ, but YZ suspension may be too stiff on trails. Either one will do the other job OK, but are set up to be best at what they are made for.

Overflow for radiator: Saves rad fluid if you overheat on slow/technical trails. Radiators themselves are same size (same part # for ’05 models at any rate). On YZ the fluid will be dumped on the ground and lost if you overheat. Overheating not much of an issue on tracks.

18” Rear wheel: thicker rubber for better shock absorption on rocks/roots, less likely to get pinch flats (YZ has 19” rim, but same outer diameter of tire). Somewhat heavier which would slow down acceleration (similar to heavy flywheel). I think it would also give a bigger contact patch if you are running low air pressure in sand etc. (more flex in the tire).

Motor: WR is detuned in stock form, but basically identical once you do the free mods. The cam timing on the YZ is a little different (different part #’s for YZ v. WR exhaust cam as of 2005). Supposedly it is intentional on the WR to make the motor “hit” a little less hard so you are less likely to break traction when you don’t want to (same with the grey wire in the “free mods”

Exhaust: WR comes with more restrictive exhaust to make it quieter. Can be uncorked (see free mods) or replaced with a YZ can for more power. YZ exhaust does not have spark arrestor and is ILLEGAL on most national forest land, so a YZ would need a new exhaust or spark arrestor insert for trail riding.

E-START: Man this is huge. If you stall out on some crazy hill climb or in a precarious position, the e-start is a god-send. 4-strokes harder to re-start after you drop them (which you’re more likely to do on trails) and the e-start is really, really, really nice. Has a kick start as a back-up.

Lights: Can ride at night/dusk, either intentionally or if something happens and your ride runs longer than expected. In some states you can get it plated for dual sport (street legal).

Wide Ratio Tranny: Lower 1st gear, so less likely to stall it out in tough, technical sections. Higher 5th gear, faster top speed. Some say the WR is almost 20mph faster than the YZ at max speed.

Bigger fuel tank: 1.8 gal for YZ v. 2.1 gal for WR. Gives longer range (16% more fuel).

Aluminum frame: If looking for a used one, the YZ’s went aluminum in ’06 but you need to get an ’07 WR for the Al frame.

Green sticker: If you live in CA, the WR is a green sticker bike (for most years, anyway) and YZ is not. Check the details on this as I don’t live in CA... [EDIT]: sounds like the '03, '04 and '05 WR's are red sticker

Did I forget anything? :D

So what you are saying is that if I want a dirt bike and I plan on riding mostly trails, I should get the WR.

If I want a dirt bike and I want to keep up with my buddies on the local tracks and fly over doubles, then I should get the YZ.

I'm being a smart ass. Actually that is good info. You hit the nail on the head with that post. :worthy:

long email,,, thanx for the post.

i have had both, do 99% woods,, prefer.. hands down... the WR over the WZ.

so i think you have pretty much nailed it.

how does a heavier flywheel create less acceleration?

acctually ill just look it up

how does a heavier flywheel create less acceleration?

"An object in motion tends to stay in motion untill acted upon by an opposing force."

A heavier flywheel will be harder to get spinning, but once spinning, it will tend to keep spinning.

On the trails, a heavy flywheel is good because it will help keep the engine from stalling.

On the YZ, the lighter flywheel is better because the engine revs quicker and thus creating better acceleration.

i had to make the same choice, i chose the 02 WR couldent be happier, mine has fmf exaust, all free mods done, yz plastices, br1 susp. omg it is ****in sick

why doesn't the WR come with a 6 speed??

The WR's come with a 5-speed because the Japanese cannot count to six :-)

Just kidding, but that's a very good question - particularly for the 250's. I'm currently in the market for a 250 4-stroke, and have been looking seriously at the '07 WR250. It appears to be an excellent bike (aluminum frame for '07), but yes, a 6-speed would make it PERFECT! After coming of my recent DRZ400E and my current RMX 250, I wanted a 250 4-stroke for the convenience of the e-start and light weight. A modern 250 4-stroke is just as quick through the woods as a 400/450 because of the light weight and "flicability". If KTM, Husqvarna, Husaberg, etc. can make 6-speed bikes, why not the Japanese? Don't tell me about weight either - the extra gear more than makes up for the tiny extra weight. Plus, I think the 6-speed KTM 250 is the lightest 250 4-stroke enduro bike. Being a 35+ year die hard Suzuki fan, I was waiting for them to release enduro versions of their RMZ line, but to no avail. Their new RMZ 250 has had rave reviews - particularly the engine. That bike with an e-start and a 6-speed would make a superb enduro mount. However, no such luck. I haven't heard any rumors about such a bike from Suzuki, so I'm sure if they ever decide to release one, it's at least a year away.

Why would you need a 6 speed I have had my wr up to 82 MPH!!! and I weigh 250 lbs

Why would you need a 6 speed I have had my wr up to 82 MPH!!! and I weigh 250 lbs

stock gearing?

I'd imagine you would need to be running 2 front sprockets to get a YZf to that kind of speed:applause:

dang. wrs sound fast. i am fourteen and i was thinking about a wr250. the 225 just doesnt have the power i want. i like to race the track sometimes, and i can burn 125 2-strokes, they just catch up on straitaways. would this bike be too much for me?

There is alot of differences just between the two. The wr250 is way faster than the 225. Yes you can use it at the track. I got my wr 250 to 71mph before i did the mods. I have not had the change to go that fast(or faster) since i did the mods. IMO get the wr 250 you will not regret it.

Green sticker: If you live in CA, the WR is a green sticker bike (for most years, anyway) and YZ is not. Check the details on this as I don’t live in CA...

Did I forget anything? :thumbsup:

'03, '04 and '05 WR250Fs are red sticker bikes

Sorry if this is a stupid question but why are the WR250F and YZ250F red stickered in California?

'03, '04 and '05 WR250Fs are red sticker bikes

Changed that. Thanks!

Why would you need a 6 speed I have had my wr up to 82 MPH!!! and I weigh 250 lbs

with another GEAR you could have hit 100mph :thumbsup:

with another GEAR you could have hit 100mph :thumbsup:

100 mph in the dirt on a lightweight 250F?! Death wish?

Im 15 and i used to ride a yz250f, now on a wr450. I rode some motocross and raced in the woods with it. The only complaint about the yz i had is if is if you stall in the woods ur gonna have a hard time getting it restarted, I've lost races b/c of it. So if you want to moto go with the yz. For the woods it definetly helps to have the electric start on the wr.

I own both - 02 WR250F and 06 YZ250F.

If you ride mostly trails, stick with the 07 WRs - softer suspension valving made for the trails. The bike is also a little heavier (~20 lbs?), read that as more stable at higher speeds.

The YZF is better on the track because you can flick it around better which carries over to the woods, but because it is lighter AND the suspension is designed to be stiffer, you feel the bumps on the trail more and you'll get more deflections over rocky terrain - I know this from riding both bikes over the same rocky area/terrain, the WR is better over that bumpy/rocky stuff.

The WR will jump fine if you hit the down ramp properly (my avatar shows me jumping fine on my WR). A flat landing is harsh on either model but the YZF's suspension is more forgiving on big hits like that since it resists bottoming better. The YZF's suspension does better over MX type whoops, while the WR's suspension does better over smaller choppier bumps like rock beds and roots in the woods.

You can change your stock setup/suspension on either bike to cross over to the other side but they are designed best for their purposes. For the trails/woods - bottom line, if you want better high speed stability and less deflections, the WR seems better (more weight). If you're more concerned with a lighter bike for better flick ability and quicker acceleration, then the YZF is the choice.


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