XR650L Jetting?

What jets should i be using? I Have a White Bros E2 and a Uni filter. I live in the LA/OC area. I have read about " Daves Mods " and I am going to do it but I need to Know what jets to buy

I am runnig the same pipe and have the dynojet needle and 165 main installed with a 55 keihn pilot jet and 2/1/4 turns out on the airscrew.

oh and if you have not already done so remove the smog junk and use the IMS smog bock off kit.

thanks for the reply. I have the IMS smog block off i forgot to list it. do you live in the LA/OC area

no but on the west coast on whidbey island (north of seattle) 300 ft above sea level, I would think you would be near or the same?

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