Wrecked the 07' :(

Smashed up the 07' , white looks bad with scratches all over..............

That's what my daughter said when I was admiring a white '07 at the shop.

I crashed my blue 2007.Scratched all over and bent right radiator,not bad i'll be able to bend it back.Bent the bars too.First set of oversized bars that i've ever been man enough to bend!

Sorry to hear of your misfortunes guys:cry: I'm still heart broken over my first spill, earlier this year(06). Check out Mylers Radiator Repair for the smashed radiators.

lol same here this weekend. Trashed subframe, exhaust, broke foot peg in half and broke the rear master cylinder off, not to mention the plastic is trashed. Will have her looking new in no time though.

hate hearing about bad wrecks, but i guess it will give you an opportunity to upgrade in parts or make it look like you want. Change it up. I always enjor seeing bikes out there that look different than everyone elses.

This thread would be great with Pictures! :cheers:

Smashed up the 07' , white looks bad with scratches all over..............

put down my o7 450 in a race, first time down on the new bike. Someone cut me off in a corner and I went over the bars. the bad part was someone else on a blue bike ran into the silencer during the crash and bent it, and smashed up the air box. pretty much shattered it. good part was the bike started in two kicks and after taking 30-45 seconds to get up I didn't take last place. oh yeah white plastic cleans up well with an SOS pad and 409, maybe not as glossy as stock but still better than red yellow green or orange.

airbox 45$, washers to re align silencer .25$, face first in the dirt priceless.

This thread would be great with Pictures! :cheers:

especially face first into the dirt pictures. :p

especially face first into the dirt pictures. :cheers:

Yeah, but you have to have those taken for you, if you are the subject matter. Unless someone has one of those helmet cams that does still photos, and then it wouldn't be much more than a big brown blur. It's probably better not to focus on tripping the shutter than it is to focus on landing well in those situations.

no lie, I actually recorded myself doing a slow motion endo in the sand with a helmet cam because I grabbed a hand full of brake and couldnt make my brain let it go.

It was funny until my kid kept using it to laugh at me with his riding buddies. I destroyed the evidence. :cheers:

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