I just got this bike and I'm trying to set the sag but the lock collar on the shock wil not budge. I've beat the crap out of it but it just won't move. Has anyone else had this problem? Guess I'll have to tear off the subframe.

They didn't leave much room to adjust the preload did they?

mine was hard to get the right angle but when you do give it a good whack it will come loose.

Mine took me three times to get it.....I whacked 10-15 times and nothing then gave up...Went back and tried another 10-15 whacks and nothing....looked in the manual tried to find if something is different and was not....So went out the 3rd time and low and behold the 3rd whack it cam free....WOW it was hard but eventually you will get it. Get yourself a solid flat head and go at it again it will come loose and be sure to watch your fingers....

Try spraying a little WD-40 on the shock threads. You should be able to rotate the spring with your hands (which will turn the collar).

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