I am a beginner...wat bike should I get


I currently ride a 1993 xr200 and all my friends ride two stroke 250s and other biger bikes and i cant keep up with them....I think a yz400f would be a good bike or would something like a xr be better?


If you like XR's then jump up to the 250, it's a huge difference from the 200. That was my son's first "real" dirtbike and now even though he's on a 426 he still laments that bulletproof XR that he had so much fun on. Anything bigger than that might be too much for you anyway. Say your age, size and riding experience and you'll get lots more suggestions for what's appropriate.:cheers:

What kind of riding do you do? For mx the YZF250 would probably be plenty coming off an XR200. If your ride more trails than mx, go with the WR250F.

You crazy yz 400 is like the worst bike ever IMO, imposible to start, please spend a few extra bucks and get a 45of if you want a big bike, but a 250f would probably be your best bike.

You crazy yz 400 is like the worst bike ever IMO, imposible to start, please spend a few extra bucks and get a 45of if you want a big bike, but a 250f would probably be your best bike.
Just because you couldn't start one is not a particularly good reason to bash it. I know several guys who really like theirs. Maybe you could have expressed your opinion in a little better terms.

Even so, the 400's are getting old (it took long enough), and unless they come really cheap, I'd go with a 426 for a very small step up in price.

I have a yz400f and it took some practice to learn it's procedure. I hardly ever have to kick mine more that 2-3 times, ever. hot ,cold,after a crash,anytime.


thanks for the input...

Im like 5-10 and 140 pounds...not a lot...maybe i should go for a 250f...

Im 5'10 and 180 lbs. I have the Yz426F and love it. I rode a buddies Rm250z a week ago or so and wasnt really impressed. The 250 just didnt have the power I wanted or was used to. It felt like a modded klr 250 power wise which was what I used to ride. That being said it is all up to you. With a 250 you will be as safe as the bike is. With the 400 or 426 you will be as safe as you are. I would recommend going to at least a 426 if you are gonna get a big bike. Not that the 400's are bad ... In fact they have proved to be quite bulletproof. Its just that they are getting old, as was already mentioned. Also if you ride trails go for the WR not the YZ. The tranny on the wr is much better suited for tight technical trails.

For what its worth that is my exerience.

Whatever route you go the bigger bike will be fun.

don't start on a 400cc 4stroke bike

start on a yz125, yz250f, or an xr

IMO a 426 or the like is too much bike for a beginner. Go with a 125 2-stroke or 250 4-stroke and you'll be fine. Then after you get a little more experience go up to the big-bores.

I have a couple 04 yz250f's for sale. Lots of goodies on them and in excellent shape. pm me if you want info.

my son is 6-1 and 155 and he is still on a yz125... the 400 is too much bike for him still. I went from a 250 2 stroke to the 400 w/ no big prob's. but I have a lot more seat time than he has yet. HIs next bike will be a 250f


The biggest determining factor is what type of riding you plan on doing. I have been riding almost 30 years but I am madly in love with my WR250. I stay away from the tracks and stick to the trails. I considered the 426 but I have never felt that I needed more power. Plus when you are working through the tight stuff it is better to have less weight than more power.

my 2 cents

thanks for the input...

I mostly ride trails so sounds like i should go for the wr250...does anyone know anything about the klx 300. I hear they are good for trails and are a bit shorter and lighter.

I ride a 426 and its not a beginers bike at that. If anything i hate to say it just get a XR there isnt a more bullet proff bike than that.

Yz250f rider, i sent you a PM about your 250f's

Since you say your a beginner I say get a 250 2-smoke.Their very peppy from what you've been riding,plentiful and pretty cheap.:cheers:

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