looking at a 450

Im looking at buying a 07 YZ450F but im a bit worried about how it will handle compared to a smoker as it weighs nearly 10kg more. will in notice that much of a weight difference?

My last 4stroke was a WR and it handled like a cow on coke compared to my smoker, one of the reasons for it was i could not get close enough to the front of the bike to turn because of how wide it was and the length of the tank.

Has any one got pictures taken from above the bike so i can see the cockpit area and how wide it is.

THANKS to all that help


I can pretty much guarantee that the only time you'll notice the weight is when you put it on a stand or push it uphill. The bike weighs one pound less than my '03, but when you ride it, it feels like it's 25 pounds lighter than that. You'll find yourself looking down and touching the engine to see if it really is a four-stroke.

So I sold my WR 450 (06) because it was a tank to get around the track. Great for the desert, but for the track, it's 30 lbs heavier than the YZ and because of the battery being placed so high, this doesn't help matters.

I sat on an 07 and it feels great. Then again, the new aluminum frame WR's are pretty sweet as well. The problem with the WR's, even though they went to an aluminum frame, is the fact they didn't do anything to shed any weight.

The new clutch actuator on the 07 YZ feels light like a CRF. Really a nice change. I sat on the 06 and 07 side by side and the 07 feels nicer and the levers and controls are MUCH easier to use. The feel is nice and light...

The new wide footpegs and new disks on both the WR and YZ's look and feel pretty trick!

The weight on the 450 is carried lower than the burner. I went from a highly modified yz250 to my 450 and was astonished by how light the 450 felt. Trust me you will not even think about the weight once the bike is in the air.

Thanks for your replies. :mad:

I defiantly want one now, all i have to do is save another 2k.

Hope fully ill have one for Xmas.



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